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Please find below hyperlinks to publications from the MACRO Programme:

  1. Antibiotic usage in chronic rhinosinusitis: analysis of national primary care electronic health records - PubMed (
  2. Chronic rhinosinusitis: a qualitative study of patient views and experiences of current management in primary and secondary care - PubMed (
  3. Expert panel process to optimise the design of a randomised controlled trial in chronic rhinosinusitis (the MACRO programme) - PubMed (
  4. Management strategies for chronic rhinosinusitis: a qualitative study of GP and ENT specialist views of current practice in the UK - PubMed (
  5. Clarithromycin and endoscopic sinus surgery for adults with chronic rhinosinusitis with and without nasal polyps: study protocol for the MACRO randomised controlled trial - PubMed (
  6. Maximising recruitment to a randomised controlled trial for chronic rhinosinusitis using qualitative research methods: the MACRO conversation study | Trials | Full Text (
  7. Observational retrospective study calculating health service costs of patients receiving surgery for chronic rhinosinusitis in England, using linked patient-level primary and secondary care electronic data | BMJ Open
  8. Optimising trial outcomes and patient retention for the MACRO trial for chronic rhinosinusitis - PubMed (
  9. Risk of mortality and cardiovascular events following macrolide prescription in chronic rhinosinusitis patients: a cohort study using linked primary care electronic health records - PubMed (

Please follow the links below to download lay summaries of the MACRO publications:

  1. Antibiotic usage in Chronic Rhinosinusitis

  2. A Qualitative Study of Patient Views and Experiences

  3. Expert Panel Process to Optimise MACRO Trial Design

  4. Management Strategies for CRS

  5. MACRO Protocol Summary

  6. The Conversation Study

  7. The Restart Study